Personalized Orthodontic Treatments for Your Dental Problems

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There are many important reasons to consider in selecting Dr. Lazarus as your orthodontist, compared to others in the area. Here are a few of them:

  • At the initial examination, you will see Dr. Lazarus personally where he will spend the time to evaluate the patient needs thoroughly. You will be able to ask questions and discuss the specific needs of the patient. This is a good time for the patient to get to know the doctor and his treatment goals for the patient.
  • Precise placement of braces on each tooth is essential for effective tooth movement and sets the stage for efficient treatment. At our office, the doctor is the only one who places the braces on each patient. At our office, monthly treatment appointments and procedures are not delegated to our assistants—they are performed by the doctor.
  • The doctor sees every single patient at each adjustment appointment! We are different because we are concerned about every specific detail of the orthodontic treatment. Custom bending of the wires are needed to place each tooth in its most proper position with the adjacent teeth and the opposing teeth. Even though our assistants are highly skilled, they are limited to what they will do for each patient.
  • Dr. Lazarus has years of orthodontic experience and specialized skills to provide customized correction specific to each patients orthodontic needs. Dr. Lazarus has served as a State Board of Michigan orthodontic examiner held at the University of Michigan for seven years. Dr. Lazarus is on the faculty of the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry as an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Orthodontic Residency Department since 1993. You can feel confident in his abilities!