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Orthodontic Services for Patients of All Ages

Perfecting each patient’s smile.

At Lazarus Orthodontics, we value your smile and want to do everything we can to give you straight teeth you can proudly flash whenever you laugh or grin.

Having perfectly aligned teeth takes professional intervention, and Lazarus Orthodontics has ample experience correcting patients’ smiles using some of the industry’s best orthodontic technologies.

Our office in Waterford, MI offers various orthodontic services for patients of all ages, including nearly invisible solutions to alignment issues such as clear braces. We work with each patient to determine the best option for their needs, such as the following:

Orthodontics for Kids

We understand that children rarely like coming for orthodontic appointments. However, we are experienced in helping children of all ages with braces and other orthodontic treatments to ensure they have a straighter mouth and healthier smile as they grow.

Orthodontics for Adults

Everyone deserves a smile they can be proud of, regardless of their age or needs. We have a range of orthodontic treatments for adults, from braces to clear aligners, to help you smile with confidence.

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Choose from our array of modern orthodontic services in Waterford, MI.

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Braces for Adults

It’s never too late to get a smile you love with braces for adults.

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Braces for Children

We create a proper treatment plan to catch and fix orthodontic problems early.

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Clear Braces

You get the same benefits of traditional braces with this clear alternative.

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Ceramic Braces

These braces are less noticeable than traditional braces and less costly than other orthodontic treatments.

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Teeth Straightening

Our office creates a customized treatment plan to correct your alignment issues.

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Early Orthodontic Treatment

Get your children orthodontic care early to keep their teeth in alignment.

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Surgical Orthodontics

We align upper and lower jaws so that you can speak, chew, and breathe better.

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