What Happens During Your Initial Orthodontist Visit

First Visit

At the first examination appointment, you will be greeted by our receptionist and be asked to fill out a patient acquaintance and health history form that will give us information about your medical and dental health. If your family dentist has provided you with any x-rays, we would like you to bring them with you at this first appointment along with any referral slip. If you come as a second opinion, you do not need a referral slip.

The Treatment Plan:

In most situations a detailed treatment plan can be made at this initial visit. However, in more complex cases, a more detailed review of the records need to be made and treatment options determined. On those occasions, a consultation appointment will be scheduled for a later date.

By the end of the initial examination or consultation appointment, the patient and parents will understand:

  • Whether treatment is indicated and the most effective time to start treatment;
  • The treatment plan and other options of treatment;
  • The length of treatment time and the expected cost for treatment.